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"You never could get it right. Especially when you're plastered."

Team Shmeckbetski strikes again!

codename: Team Shmeckbetski
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The community about Snow-white & Rose-red's infamous Project Shmeckbetski.

Witness the hilarity!

Do not steal our ideas, or you'll be facing the business end of Christine's parasol.

"is-my inner-monologue leaking again?", ...or whatever, [square brackets], being hilarious, bizarre star wars references, bunnies of plot, chicken-and-broccoli-without-the-chicken, chocolate icecream as (creative?)fuel, completely rewriting the plot, diabolical plotting, film noir, flashbacks, flower symbolism, german, inappropriate monolouges, lauren's laptop, netspeak, private investigators, project shmeckbetski, random, random plot bunnies, sam spade, screenwriting, shadowy offices, shmeckbetski, show - don't tell!, shrubbery debris, silliness, snow-white & rose-red, street brawling with hamburgers, team shmeckbetski, the 1940's, tiny blue notebooks, unpronouncable names, unsightly flowered chairs, voice overs, world war two, writing on napkins(& bank-statements), writing screenplays